Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Suicide and Debt

 No debt problems are unsolvable.

Getting into debt can lead to untold misery, stress and depression. It can cause feelings of isolation, loss of hope and uncertainty.  It is important to know that in all my years as a debt adviser I have never seen a case that cannot be resolved.  Whilst it may seem like a dark place at the moment, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

You will feel more empowered, less stressed and less worried if you seek advice from one of the many free advice agencies in the city.  Remember:

You have options. 

·    Stop borrowing. This will not help.

·    It is only money. If you don’t have anything, they can’t take anything!

·    There is no shame in getting into debt.

·    No one is going to judge you. We all experience money worries at some point in life.

·    The majority of debts are dealt with in the County Court which means you will not go to prison if you don’t pay.

·    Bailiffs instructed by the County Courts cannot force entry in to your home.

·    Seek free advice before things escalate.  

There are free, impartial and confidential organisations that can help you. If you feel you cannot talk to a stranger then speak to a friend or family member.

Support in Brighton & Hove: 

  • Money Advice & Community Support.  Call the advice line on 01273 664040
  • Citizens Advice Bureau 08451203710
  • St Luke’s Advice Service 01273 549203
  • Brighton Housing Trust 01273 234737
  • National Debt Line 08088084000

 This guest blog has been written by an experienced local debt/money Adviser.


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