Thursday, 24 March 2011

A new member of the family!

Hello, my name is Kerry and I am a shiny new intern at Grassroots Training. I am a graduate of Psychology with a working background in mental health and charity infrastructure. Over the next few months I will be involved in a range of research and evaluation projects for Grassroots as part of my post-graduate certificate in community enterprise. 

At the moment I am implementing a new evaluation system for our courses, which we hope will be a useful tookit to help us measure what you think of our services.  Later I will be working with Miranda on creating a set of quality standards around our monitoring and evaluation, and helping Xander in the ongoing pilot of our ASIST course. 

On the research side of things I am just starting work on a very interesting project which will look at the repercussions of giving personal accounts of mental health issues in our 1 in 4 course.  All very exciting and interesting work!

I feel very settled and at home in the team already, and I am honoured to be contributing to such a worthwhile and important cause.



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