Monday, 2 August 2010

Grassroots Training wins resilience grant

The ChangeUp consortium is managing 'Ready, Responding & Resilient Grants' for the community and voluntary sector in Brighton & Hove.  The funding is being provided by Brighton & Hove City Council to help support the community and voluntary sector to manage the impacts of the recession. 

To find out more about the grants, visit

We've been awarded £1,000 to pay for support services to help us become more resilient.  We will use the money to pay for printing costs and marketing materials, including a new training brochure and new business cards.  Hurrah!  This will be the first time we've ever had a budget for such things.  Whatever next..?


  1. Strewth, you'll be wanting a budget for pens next! Well done on your grant. More capacity building, yeah!
    Cheers, Shelley

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